The customer who, after placing an order, by telephone confirmation to our company, automatically orders the purchase of the selected products and undertakes to fulfill his duties of collection and payment of the same. He also declares that he has read and accepted all the regulations set out below including the conditions of collection, return, guarantee which must be considered valid until a new variation is duly communicated or put in writing between the parties.

By registering and transcribing personal details, the customer undertakes not to provide false or misleading data knowing full well that this could lead to a criminal complaint, Area Sconti therefore declines any responsibility in the event of the supply of false data and reserves the right to carry out any report to the competent authorities.


• Pay through one of the payment services indicated by the manager
• Be available, in accordance with the courier’s terms, for the receipt of the ordered products
• Do not provide false reviews and false experiences in using the products, whether it is the site of the manager or third party sites not directly managed by the company

For the agreement between the site manager and the buyer, the San Marino rules on commerce and in particular electronic commerce have come into force.


The products on this site are made with natural and tested ingredients. As regards the use by subjects in a non-perfect state of health, the site manager declines all responsibility. The information on the site cannot in any way replace medical advice. They cannot replace medical advice. Which it is always necessary to resort to in the event that the user suffers from established pathologies, or even suspects their possible presence.


The site manager reserves the right to collect, within the limits established for the collection of sensitive data and the protection of privacy, data concerning the user’s browsing habits and preferences, also through the use of technical cookies.


Placing an order online on a site owned by Area Sconti or third parties is equivalent to booking the products in our warehouse, therefore the customer will undertake to collect them personally or through third parties at our office located in Via Benedetto di giovanni n.5 – ZIP Code 47899 (RSM)

Once we have received the order confirmation email, the contract is understood by us and we will begin the delivery phase. In any case, the company Area Sconti reserves the right not to accept the purchase proposal even at a later time without, however, interceding for penalties or additional duties. The collection of the goods must be carried out by the customer or by third parties who must appropriately indicate at the time of the order. By not indicating any, the customer will directly charge the SDA courier.


The collection by courier, which takes place at our office every weekday, is to be understood in the name and on behalf of the final customer who therefore undertakes to accept the delivery costs as indicated at the time of the order as well as when checking the integrity of the packages upon arrival of the goods at your home.

The preparation of deliveries may be subject to delays, even not due to our will, as well as arrival times which will be subject without any responsibility to weather conditions, traffic conditions, any holidays, etc. During the delivery, the customer is required to check:

• number of packages
• conformity of packaging
• parcel integrity
Any anomaly must be reported in writing before collection with the written CONTENT CONTROL RESERVES, expressly specifying the reason.


All products in the Discount Area are checked in advance to verify both compliance with the descriptions and the integrity of the product.
The products marketed are governed by international standards in force today. Any complaint must be sent by registered mail to our office located in Via Benedetto di giovanni n.5 – CAP 47899 (RSM)

Area Discounts offers its customers free assistance for the products purchased. The products must be sent and collected with shipping costs always charged to the customer at our office, our employees, after appropriate evaluation, will take care of the replacement service for damaged or defective products in such a way as to jeopardize their correct use.


Replacement requests for products not appreciated by the customer must be sent to our office within 15 days from the date of arrival and after having inspected the integrity of both the product and the iI pack. The return and reshipment costs are always charged to the customer. The products to be replaced will be exchanged for goods of equal value excluding shipping costs.


Pursuant to current legislation on privacy, the end user declares to know and approve the fact that the data provided is entered into the Discount Area database and can be used for commercial and/or promotional purposes and used for statistics by means of consultation, processing or comparison and for the electronic sending of promotional material.
The end user declares to use Discount Area to communicate the data entered in the bank to third parties provided that they are used for the same purposes. The interested party can, as regulated by the laws in force, request modifications, updates, additions and deletion of data without any burden.


In the event of disputes, the company reserves the right to access the competent judicial offices located in Hungary.